GHACP Features

The HFTP Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices web site enables you to learn and compare how full service hotels around the world structure their management accounts.

For each country from which data has been compiled, you can see examples typical of the country. You can also access standards from the 10th and 11th Revised Editions of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, 7th Edition of the Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs, and a global standard compiled by HFTP.

The interactive part of the web site contains the following data:

Summary Operating Statement - Here you can see examples of the statements' content and drill down to the Departmental Schedules, and from there to the constituent Accounts and to the Items contained in each Account.

Indextionary - Explore each Item of Revenue, Cost of Sales, Payroll and Related Expenses, Other Expenses and Assets, and the account it is allocated to.

The item, account, department and explanations used within a specific country are kept in the original English format used by that country (i.e. US English, UK English or an English Hybrid). Remember this when searching for specific items, as spellings vary depending on the dialect used.

You can start by selecting the Region and Country you wish to review, and then select the data you want to access. Or, select the type of data you wish to review, and then select the Region and Country for which it relates.

A unique feature of the database is the ability to select another Region, Country or Standard to compare the data to. This gives access to equivalent report formats and allows you to review the detailed content of Accounts by Item.

Within the Archives Section, there are files for each Region and Country that contain sample data as submitted by participating hotels, and from which the typical country examples were selected.

[Note that the web site is being continuously updated as new input is received, and the user functions are fully developed]

Navigating the GHACP

To begin your user experience, simply click “Log In” from the navigation. Then, enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with a series of options:

  • Start Screen
  • Indextionary
  • Operating Schedules
  • HFTP Global Database

Start Screen

The Start screen allows you to navigate to key areas of the GHACP. You can review the different functions, easily go to the region selection screen or simply conduct a global search.


The indextionary allows you to review an entire database for your selected country. In addition to reviewing the data, you can also do the following:

  • Export to Excel on demand
  • Search by item name/example or account name
  • Filter your search by using the filters at the bottom of the page
  • Sort alphabetically for any heading by using the arrows next to the heading name
  • Hide columns that you may not desire by using the "Show/Hide" feature
  • Compare items to other regions

Operating Schedules

After selecting your region, you can review the operating schedules. The drill-down feature starts with the Summary Operating Schedules and allows you to view all departments.

  • If you would like to drill further, simply click the department name to see the specific schedule for that department.
  • Once in the department schedule, you can see the Account Types and associated Account Names.
  • Click the Account Name to review the items in the indextionary.
  • Additionally, you can compare schedules side-by-side. Select your region and then up to two additional regions from this area to compare.

HFTP Global Database

The global database allows you to search all regions by entering in all or part of an item name. The results displayed will show any result that includes your search. For example, searching "Access" may return results for "Accessories" and "Access Fees."

Once results are displayed, you can select multiple items to compare and review together without undesired results.

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