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Fritz Johnson
Sr Mgr, Registration and Data Protection
+1 (512) 220-4019
1 (800) 646-4387

HFTP Job Board

This employment resource from HFTP offers a central repository for job opportunities in the hospitality finance and technology segment.


Posting a job: Available to all, members and nonmembers

Search job listings: Viewable to HFTP members only

How it works

  • A My HFTP Portal login is required to post or view a listing (regardless if you are or are not a member).
  • Jobs stay on the board a maximum of three months.
  • If you post a job, you may edit or delete it through your account. 

Log-in or create an account (if you do not have one) on the My HFTP Portal to access the Job Board. Once you are in, select either "Post a Job" or "Search Job Board" on the left-hand menu. 

Note: The HFTP Job Board does not discriminate based on race, age, disability, color, religion, national origin gender or sexual orientation. HFTP reserves the right to delete any postings.

HFTP Member Resources

HFTP resources and programs can help you in your professional development, job search and/or recruitment.

HFTP Academy

The HFTP Academy offers professional development programs specific to the hospitality finance and technology fields. Completing a certificate or certification demonstrates your expertise and dedication to the industry. 

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